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Ultrasonic Flow Detector

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(1) Model : 6100S

From large-scale forging (10,000mm) to precise aerial metal part (1.2mm), all may examine the small flaw precisely.

Main specificaions

  • Small dimension, lightweight, porable, fully-sealed, highly-reliable design especially suitable for working outdoors
  • Up to 640MHz sampling frequency, measurement resolution of 0.1mm with minimum range of 3mm
  • Bright, high resolution ( 640 x 480 ) color TFT display realizing the best measurement result in similar products
  • High performance square wave pulser with tuning option allows the operator to tune the pulse width of the square wave pulser to optimize transducer performance. This maximizes signal-to-noise and penetration in difficult material such as highly-attenuated materials or thin work-pieces
  • LAN port allows remote data transfer and management. It provides management to instrument parameters when the instrument is used as independent square wave pulser.
  • High-speed USB interface allows data storage on USB drive and PC communication. To interface with a mouse to secure accurate analysis on repert with A-scan.
  • Internal charger, auto switch between "charge" and "work". Power supplied by battery or AC mains. The operating time of onboard Li battery is more than 6 hours



  • EN 12668-1 compliant
  • Tested for explosive atmosphere, vibration and shock
  • Sealed to meet IP67 requirements to withstand harsh environments
  • Dynamic DAC/TVG Standard
    - Dynamic DAC curves
    - Custom warning levels
    - Meets ASME and JIS requirements
    - TVG Table allows fully customized TVG setups
  • Multiple battery options : can be used with Lithium lon, NiMH. Or C-cells
  • Host USB port for direct printing and storage to USB drives
  • Client USB Port for PC communication
  • PRF adjustable from 10 Hz to 1 kHz in 10 Hs increments. All measurements are taken "single shot"
  • Powerful alphanumeric datalogger: Corrosion thickness gage file types can be set up onboard.
  • Simple incremental files
  • Multi-color LCD
  • Lightweight - 4.7 lbs ( 2.1kg)